About Us

About Us

ARCADIA \ar·ca·dia\ : a place of rural peace and simplicity
SALVAGE \sal·vage\ : saving something from total ruin

 We’re the father-son team crafting reclaimed wood furniture using 100+ year old wood. We salvage materials from structures throughout the southeast and enjoy every minute of it. I (Brandon), was taught by my father (Earl) from an early age that if you need something, you build it and always do your best in everything, even if it goes unseen. I am so fortunate to have a father that taught and guided me through life by example. He made sure to instill in me, morals and good values. Now I’m honored to have him by my side handcrafting furniture with materials we’ve salvaged together. We are passionate about woodworking, reclaiming old wood, and the hard work that goes into each piece we create. We have great respect for the history and character each item shows. It’s fulfilling to know the furniture we make from sustainable materials will serve a purpose for another century.


Arcadia Salvage
580 Pine Rd
Pell City, AL 35125



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