Why We Use Reclaimed Wood

Arcadia Salvage solely uses reclaimed materials we’ve salvaged in our tables and furniture, check out some of the salvage projects we’ve done. We honestly believe that reclaimed wood is the best material to use for many reasons including unmatched character, century-old durability, rarity, and sustainability.

• Character
Reclaimed Wood is full of character that is acquired from years of use. From the century-old sawmill that cut the boards to the weathering they receive gives this wood so much uniqueness that can be replicated.  Old nail holes from use, worm damage, and more add to the character of each board we use. Using this wood allows use to build furniture that will become an instant conversation piece and truly one of a kind. 

• Durability
Another important aspect of reclaimed wood is its durability. Most of the wood we reclaim is “old growth” which refers to trees that naturally reached full maturity in an environment where it fought to survive. These trees were slower growing, larger, and stronger than the trees grown today. 

• Rarity
Old growth wood isn’t even available anymore due to the fact of being over harvested during the industrial revolution. Most of the old growth forest was depleted by the 1940’s leaving only approx. 3% of original forest which are now protected.

• Sustainability
Using reclaimed wood truly helps save our environment while using materials that are superior to what we can actually buy today. Purchasing wood from stores drives the demand for virgin wood which has a huge impact on our planet. These virgin trees have to be felled, transported, and processed which demands 11 – 13 times more energy to be used than that of using reclaimed materials.


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